One of the Causes of Dementia is a Poor Diet!

It's true- you are what you eat! And one of the causes of dementia (risk factors) such as Alzheimers disease or vascular dementia is a poor diet.

Why? it's simple really- a junk food diet filled with bad fats, lots of sugar, sodium, and enough chemical preservatives to give junk food a shelf life for a millineum- clogs up the arteries and cappilaries in your brain!

And just like when your heart arteries get clogged up and you get heart diseases, when your brain arteries and cappilaries get clogged up- you get brain diseases!

Without a doubt- proper nutrition is a key factor in the battle of Alzheimer's disease prevention and short term memory loss.

Remember the key factors to prevent dementia:

1- Specific Brain Stimulation

2- Proper Brain Nutrition

3- Get Enough Exercise and Rest

4- Avoid Dementia Risk Factors

Proper brain nutrition is so important I included three detailed chapters in my book- You CAN Prevent Alzheimers!

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3 Out of 4 Doctors Take Supplements Today.

I'm one of those doctors that take vitamins and supplements.

I eat a healthy diet when I can- but there are times I need supplementation to help me win the battle against short term memory loss.

But there are so many supplements available- where do you begin?

It's easy to get confused as to which supplements are needed in the battle of Alzheimer's disease prevention and short term memory loss.

If you are not careful you can spend a lot of $$!

And why is someone always on TV pushing a 'miracle pill' that is "gauranteed" to cure your short term memory problems?

Because some folks are looking for the easy way out and believe this nonsense!

Don't be fooled!

None of these so-called miracle pills can live up to these audacious claims- period. There is no such thing as a miracle pill!

My Top Five List

Here I review the Top 5 vitamins and supplements that I recommend and include in my diet. These supplements helped me with my short term memory loss from the head injury I incurred from the accident pictured on the Home Page.

Click here for the Top 5 vitamin/supplement review.

But let's be clear: you must incorporate the other key factors into your life to stay dementia-free. A poor diet is only one of the causes of dementia- review the four key factors above.

In today's tough economic times I am cost conscious. I like getting a good deal!

I have been getting quality supplements direct from the manufacturer for several years now. I save a lot of $$.

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Brain Plasticity

Another cause of dementia is the loss of brain plasticity.

Proper brain nutrition can help improve brain plasticity- a very important factor that helps prevent Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.

A plastic brain is a healthy, flexible brain that is able to change and grow new connections between brain cells. Short term memory loss and Alzheimers begins with the loss of connections between brain cells.

A healthy brain can remember the name of someone it met at a party the day before.

If eating a healthy diet does not fit your busy schedule- you really need to understand the importance of supplementation.

Drink Water!

Believe it or not- one of the causes of dementia (risk factor)is a dehydrated brain.

One of the easiest ways to increase brain plasticity and reduce your risk of having Alzheimer's disease later in your life is to drink more clean water!

If you aren't drinking eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day chances are you are partially dehydrated.

Think grape versus raisen. Your brain needs to be fully hydrated for optimal performance.

But don't drink tap water! It's filled with all kinds of pollutants.

You need to understand the various water purifiers on the market that clean tap water. They fall into 3 basic categories and are reviewed here.

Click here for water purifier categories and review.

Super Foods

There are some 'superfoods' available such as Acai and blue berries which can help short term memory loss and are discussed here.

Fresh fruits such as Acai and blueberries are part of brain healthy diet.

Learn why curcumin- also known as turmeric- is the best spice you can eat to win the battle of Alzheimer's disease prevention.

Curcumin is on the Top 5 Vitamin and Supplement list for your review.

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