The Power to Prevent Alzheimer's is in YOUR Control!

That's right- you CAN prevent Alzheimer's and enjoy your golden retirement years!

Is your short term memory loss looking more like classic Alzheimer's symptoms or other related dementias?

Did you know you have a 50/50 chance of having some type of dementia later in life?

The good news is- you can prevent Alzheimer's and other types of dementia! That is- with the right knowledge and enough motivation- You CAN get off the dementia path!

The road to short term memory loss is filled with risk factors, or causes of dementia, that you may be unaware of. These risk factors may be a part of your daily routine.

Or- there may be some positive habits missing.

Fact is, the major difference between those who will continue to develop more Alzheimer's symptoms and those who won't- is knowledge. By knowing the causes of dementia- you can remove them from your life.

Familial Alzheimer's (FAD) is genetic related that runs in certain families- this type makes up a small percentage of cases.

The majority of AD cases are known as 'sporadic' Alzheimer's- and the driving force behind this type is a multitude of risk factors identified by researchers worldwide.

It doesn't matter if your parents were not demented- we are all at risk for sporadic Alzheimer's and related dementias!

As your guide I will show you step by step how to avoid the pitfalls- AND show you what to include in your life to stay dementia-free.

How can I be so sure of myself?

Back in the day when there were no airbags- I was the unfortunate passenger in this truck when it hit a tree going over 110 m.p.h.

Going from 110 to zero instantaneously, with only a lap belt with no shoulder strap, and no airbags- my head slammed into the hard dash and left the indentation you see above. Back in the 1970's, cars were built with real steel, not these plastic cars of today. But no matter, it crumpled like paper from the impact.

Doctors said I shouldn't have survived, I should be dead.  I'm happy to report the doctors were wrong- although it was a year before I could walk again.  After the accident I lived with short term memory loss, decisions were hard to come by, and other cognitive problems. I had 'experts' tell me not to expect much from myself. I set out to prove them wrong.

Today- I am the expert! I am a neuropsychologist who evaluates brain function for problems like short term memory loss- and help people prevent Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

Brain rehabilitation is one of my specialties. Assessing brain function for signs of dementia is another specialty- I like working with seniors. 

Because I had to rehabilitate my own brain-

I can say I have actually "walked the walk." I know what works- and what doesn't.

And now- it's your turn! Let's improve YOUR brain health and keep dementia out of YOUR life! You can do this! I will help you.

I promise not to use ambiguous 'doctor' words just to impress you.

I promise to keep brain topics simple.

I already have a lot of practice at this- I have authored the book, You CAN Prevent Alzheimer's: a Neuropsychologist's Secrets to Better Brain Health.

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Why am I doing this? Part of my day job is delivering bad news to families when a loved one has many Alzheimers symptoms and entered the early stages of dementia.

I have a front-row seat watching how dementia turns family members into strangers. Believe me, you do NOT want to be 'that parent' who becomes a burden on their children.

Spouses/Partners have a very difficult time dealing with watching their life-long friend turn into someone who no longer acknowledges their bond.

I witness the pain and sorrow of these families- and it takes its toll on me as well.

Instead of being the bearer of bad news- I want to spread hope! The fact that you are reading this is a good sign- you are being proactive and seeking to understand the causes of dementia and how to improve short term memory loss.

Preventing Alzheimer's is easy if you adopt the mantra,

"In with the good-- out with the bad."

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