Dementia Prevention Seminars

Dr. Harding's dementia prevention seminars are both educational and entertaining! Edutainment!

Teaching the audience memory brain games included in his award winning book, and educating the audience about dementia risk factors- keeps Dr. Tom's seminars in popular demand!

Dr. Tom's book, You CAN Prevent Alzheimer's!, is now in the Hawaii Public Library system- and he provides seminars at various library locations.

What audience members are saying about Dr. Harding's seminars:

"Excellent! I have been to several other workshops – this is by far the most informative – lots of info in understandable form."

"I learned a lot from this presentation. Dr. Harding presented information in a way that is easy to understand – using visuals, involving us in the brain games. It was very interesting and I learned that I gotta do something before it’s too late. Great Session!"

"Excellent presentation & so very helpful. Important info, exercises provided. Enjoyed his humor. Loved it!"

"Inspiring & eloquent speaker. Very informative. Enjoyed the seminar!"

"Excellent program that exposes us to information that may not be easily accessible. Please continue to offer this. Heard about this from the morning news, which was great. Dr. Harding is an excellent speaker-layman language, entertaining."

If you are interested in having Dr. Tom present for your organization, call the Maui Memory clinic at:

(808) 244-1007 

Or email:

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