The RIGHT Brain Games Help In Alzheimers Disease Prevention

Only the right brain games will help in Alzheimer's disease prevention and stop memory loss. One of the first Alzheimers symptoms is short term memory loss.

You need specific brain stimulation or 'brain training' to activate memory centers.

Remember the 4 key factors to prevent Alzheimers:

1- Specific Brain Stimulation

2- Proper Brain Nutrition

3- Get Enough Physical Exercise and Rest

4- Avoid Dementia Risk Factors


Do You Have A Deck Of Cards?

You can start stimulating your memory and stop short term memory loss by playing one of my favorite games- Ace to King now!

Once you learn the brain stimulation principles- or the "nuts and bolts" of proper brain stimulation- you will be able to strengthen important memory centers that have been dubbed, the "Gateway" to memory.

And once you understand the nuts and bolts of "neurotraining"- you are well on your way to mastering Alzheimers disease prevention. Alzheimers symptoms such as short term memory loss will become a thing of the past in your life!

But you must stimulate your brain on a regular basis.

Click here to play one of my favorite brain games - Ace to King!

Click here to learn the brain games Principles

Dr. Craine

Dr. James Craine

My mentor, neuropsychologist and brain rehabilitation specialist- Dr. James Craine- developed these brain games back in the 1970s.

Today's computerized brain training programs use similar concepts he created many years ago.

I used these brain games along with other stimulation to improve my own brain damage and short term memory loss.

Your memory is going to love these games!

I recommend these games for Alzheimer's disease prevention not only because they have been proven to improve brain health and function- but also because:

* The games are simple to understand and inexpensive

* No expensive computer equipment to buy or learn to use.

* They are time savers as they stimulate memory and attention circuits simultaneously.

You CAN Prevent Alzheimers!

You CAN Prevent Alzheimers!

Includes Ace to King and 40+ pages of Craine's brain games that are designed to stimulate your memory.

Click here to get your copy today!

"A must for anyone who strongly values their mental health for decades to come."

- James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, The Midwest Book Review

After playing Ace to King and learning the nuts and bolts of brain training- you will appreciate the benefits of other activities like the ones below that can also help in the battle against Alzheimers disease prevention.

music therapy

Music Therapy

I used music therapy to help rehabilitate my brain.

Learn how Music Therapy stimulates and keeps your brain function healthy!


Have You Ever Tried Meditation?

You may decide that the benefits of meditation is right for you.

There are many types available. I used transcendental meditation- and it is a great way to beat Alzheimers symptoms such as loss of attention and focus.


Crossword Puzzles

Often I am asked, "Is doing crosswords good for my brain?"

The short answer is yes- it stimulates brain cells in the left frontal- temporal regions.

Crosswords do help in the battle of Alzheimers disease prevention and other Alzheimers symptoms such as word finding problems.

However doing crosswords does not help short term memory loss.

You need games that stimulate memory centers further back in your brain at ear level.


The popular number-grid game called Sudoku also does not help short term memory loss. But Sudoku does help in the battle of Alzheimers disease prevention- so keep it up! Just make sure to add some memory games.

Sudoku is good non-verbal reasoning stimulation- But Sudoku does not stimulate memory circuits that reside deep in your brain.

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