Know the Stroke Symptoms

Knowing the stroke symptoms can save brain cells!

The faster you act and get to a hospital- the quicker doctors can intervene and save your brain.

Just remember the acronym: FAST! Face- Arm- Speech- Time

Face- does the face look uneven? Ask them to smile.

Arm- Does the arm drift down? Ask them to raise both arms.

Speech- Does the speech sound strange? Ask them to repeat a phrase.

Time- Every second brain cells die. Call 911 at any sign of a stroke.

Large event strokes that produce these kinds of symtoms fall under the category of vascular dementia.

Blood Supply and the Brain

Your brain needs oxygen and glucose (sugar) in order to generate the energy your brain cells need to continuously communicate and perform cellular maintenance activities.

Your brain requires approximately a quart of oxygenated blood every minute!

Think about that- every minute of your life your heart pumps a quart of blood to your brain.

Without circulating blood- the brain is like a fish out of water.

This in part explains why vascular and heart disease are risk factors for dementia.

You CAN Prevent Alzheimers!

I cover in-depth the risk factors associated with strokes AND the prevention strategies to reduce your risk for stroke.

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